Like the Tibor Signature 5/6 and Abel reels, if you accidentally take a bad fall the Aspen 350 LA is the last thing you need to worry about… it’s exceptionally tough and isn’t going to dent or bend like some of the competition. We also felt that when possible we needed to come up with real world tests that you can duplicate. The Cimarron II comes only in black. Having ample sound on the out going drag is important because it allows you to hear the “feedback” from the reel. SPECTRUM C Die-Cast Construction. Even once the reel has completely dried we have found that the shudder remains. Losing the cap or other washers etc., can render your reel unusable, and turn your trip into a disaster. Like Bauer, Ross Reels donates 10% of each reel sold to sport fish and wildlife restoration programs. Note this is a different measurement than overall diameter as it reflects the size of the arbor itself, not the outside of the reel. The elegant rosewood handle has a great shape and swell, (although it could be slightly larger as on the Super 6N or 7/8N). But if you tend to fall into the clumsy category, or often fish rip rap banks or other risky spots where you are likely to fall, plan to spend more money  to send your reel in for repair every now and then. Retrieval Sound:  Pleasant plastic on metal incoming sound, Outgoing drag sound: Pleasant plastic on metal outgoing sound, perhaps “deeper”, Spool Release:  Reel pushes off frame easily – (can never lose spool release cap since no cap), Drag knob:  Easy to turn, (until the very highest drag settings), Drag Detents:  No detents but not easily knocked off by accident, Handle:  Great shape but could be a bit longer. Sage Click 3/4/5 Fly Reel $290.00. Here’s another reel that I thought would finish much higher. Darn Tough socks are guaranteed for life and made in the USA. Hatch doesn’t do any porting on their arbors (where the backing sits). Drag Detents:  Huge detents so the drag can’t get knocked off, probably the best in the test. and they will send it back to you duly customized free of charge in about a week’s time. It takes a lot longer to do it this way, but then we know it is perfect. But several of the click style reels were like this, including the Orvis Battenkill, Redington Zero, and Bozeman SC 325. Redington – Generally $15, (including shipping). The Orvis Battenkill III rightfully takes the third tier of our podium finishers. But be careful not to over-oil these reels. $400. This reel is as bare bones as you can get. Still, craftsmanship varies and is very observable. Extra RX2 spools, (in the 3 standard colors: black, pearl grey, and titanium) retail for $205. Reels with caps that come off lost points too. Reels with larger, easy to grab handles like the Galvan Torque, Bauer RX2, Einarsson 5 Plus, the Nautilus X, and the Hatch were a godsend, while shorter, smaller handles like those on the Hardy LRH or Orvis CFO III proved to be more difficult to grab and reel with. And the range of drag adjustment at 1.4 turns is pretty solid. Tibor remedied this however, and now they have added a stopper which blocks any sand, grit, or river debris from entering the back side of the drag. . When buddies or clients of ours want to get the ultimate heirloom reel they frequently get a custom Super Series Abel reel. Guides and price conscious anglers alike gravitate to the Guru since it is Lamson’s least expensive, fully machined reel, made in the USA. This puppy is built well and built to last! Weighing 4.1 ounces fully loaded, the Sage Click is clearly one of the very lightest reels in the shootout, second only to the Ross Colorado LT. At 2.785 inches, the Sage Click also has one of the largest arbors in the shootout, second only to the massive Loop Evotec G4 LW 5/8. Drags with zero start up inertia result in a smoother, more controlled fight. Ease of drag adjustment and range of drag adjustment suffered because there is no drag adjustment – what you see is what you get. Like most all of the click style reels, the Colorado LT has a very light maximum drag – you’ll have to be happy palming the rim of the spool to apply extra drag pressure when needed. Although the range of drag was limited compared to some of the top finishers, we love the drag detents and how easily the drag adjusts. One thing that held the Colorado LT back is that there is no range of drag adjustment – period. Retrieval Sound:  Plasticky retrieval, sounds OK but not as nice as Ross Evolution, Outgoing drag sound: Slightly higher pitched (and louder) plastic but pleasant sound going out, Counterbalance:  Good – (no weight just extra metal to balance it). Lamson – Generally $20, (including shipping). Bored Panda is a leading art and pop culture magazine which is viewed nearly 100 million times every month. The Redington Behemoth reels are die-cast in South Korea. For $109 we aren’t going to be too nitpicky. The Cimarron II 5/6 is exactly like the 4/5, just a little larger and stronger. Tune in as Jared teaches you the steps to tie the Hollow Fleye Squid with tips, techniques, and advice for tying this Hollow Fleye-style Squid pattern. drag. Like most all of the click style reels, the Battenkill III has a very weak maximum drag, (.25 pounds), so it’s another reel you’ll have to palm should you hook up with a hot fish. Drag Detents:  No detents but stiffer than others, minimizing it getting knocked off by accident, Range of Drag: Very weak, despite many turns, Handle: Attractive and distinctive yellow handle, good size however flare gets smaller towards the end instead of larger (like the Argus), Reel feels much heavier when fully loaded, #9 Redington ZERO $89.00 – reel, $49.95  x/spool. The 4/5 only takes 65 yards of 20 pound backing, but we felt this was plenty for trout fishing, (how often do you really ever even get into your backing trout fishing)? The Sage 4200 series comes in 4 standard colors:  Stealth (black), Ember (red), Platinum, and Bronze. Drag detents are small divots machined into the drag system into which fit tiny spring-loaded ball bearings or plastic clickers. I could go on and on about the R Salt. Ross Fly Reels and Fly Rods are recognized as some of the best in the world. of drag. And when they do get a Hatch in their hands, their response is usually positive. For an extra 10% ($68.50) you can choose one of the three custom colors:  Crimson, Moss Green, or Graphite Gray. We suspect the Guru Series II is Lamson’s best selling reel, we know it has been for us anyway – and for good reason – it is a great value. As a click and pawl retrieval resistance isn’t great, so don’t plan on much spin out of her. ... SAGE CLICK Series Fly Reel. Turnaround time is about 2 weeks including shipping. Claimed Backing CapacityThese are the specs we get from each manufacturer. There is no start up inertia and the sealed drag is maintenance free. We love the aesthetics of this reel – everyone we’ve shown it to has liked its rugged appearance. The Hatch reel cases had some of the coolest color combinations, but sadly they don’t cover your reel completely. Durability is definitely somewhat subjective, but it isn’t rocket science either. In general, good detents are a lot better than none at all. The Hollow Fleye Squid is a phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and during the day. Sage Spectrum Spool. Max Drag: Very weak, have to palm – .25 pounds, Reel could be bigger, and for a spinner could spin more, Feels a bit heavy  (due to heavy drag mechanism), Handle – nice shape and size (good swell), #4 Hardy Lightweight LRH   $249.95 – reel,   $99  x/spool. Unfortunately the craftsmanship on the Loop Multi wasn’t as good as other die-cast reels. is suitable for 15-pound tippets, fishing streamers, mindful that drag pressure increases somewhat when you put a big hoop bend in your rod. Details of Abel’s color options can be found in our write up of the Abel Super 4N earlier. Ross Colorado LT (Discontinued) $295.00 $219.95 Only a few left! It has ample backing capacity, and weighs a lot less than the 5+. A couple of times someone in the shop has dropped a spool and we’ve noticed the Fanatic spools bend more easily than others. Even one direct hit from a fall will could ruin this reel beyond repair. The main reason to shell out the extra dough for an Abel Super 4N is that it’s extremely durable. Retrieval Sound:  Plasticky retrieval sound OK but not as nice as some, Outgoing drag sound:  Slightly deeper plastic sound is louder going out, Counterbalance: Good – no counter weight extra material balances the spool, Spool Release: Spool pushes out (good can’t lose release cap since there isn’t one), however over time these become harder to push out, Drag knob:  Nicer than the Liquid, easier to grab, Drag Detents:  No detents but drag knob is stiff enough that you can’t bump it off easily, Max Drag:  Almost twice as strong as the Liquid we tested – 4.25 pounds, Handle:  OK – not as good as others – good length but no flare, Spool is cast, frame is machined (overseas) and “assembled” in the USA, Cheap feel in hand but still decent performance, #24 Abel SD 5/6  $670 – reel,   $370  x/spool. Spool to frame tolerances are very good. Over a period of time dirt and grit can fill in the latch hole, making it difficult to move the latch. As such it is a very well rounded reel with very little that can go wrong with it. We have always liked Orvis reels, but we were surprised that the older Access Mid-Arbor was able to outscore the brand new Orvis Hydros II SL. With fly reels, durability can be a big factor. The Lamson Remix reels are machined/pressure cast somewhere overseas, (Lamson wouldn’t say where) and are then “assembled” in Boise, Idaho in order to make the reel more affordable. Quite the opposite, actually. Retrieval Sound:  Excellent metallic on plastic sound reeling in, Outgoing drag sound: Totally different pleasant plastic sound going out. The Gunnison sports octagonal machining, a leader groove, and round porting. We found in general that durability in the new reels very good but it is still a compromise. Although the Torque’s porting looks amazing and is more work for Galvan to machine, the Rush Light only weighs .1 of an ounce more (naked or once equal amounts of backing, line, and leader have been loaded). We’ve fished the RS for a couple years now and we know that it is a durable reel that can take a beating without denting. Extra LRH spools retail for $99. The SC 325 also has a smooth drag, and spool to frame tolerances were excellent. The Loop Classic has a number of great features. What hurt it the most was its poor range of drag adjustment between .25 and 2 pounds. But I also want a reel that is durable and is not likely to get mushed should I take a fall while walk-wading a rip-rap bank. The Loop Multi has a silent retrieval as well as a silent outgoing drag which we don’t like as much as reels with louder outgoing drags (the reel’s feedback gives you hints of what the fish is doing – running especially hard, or resting). Reel case design is perhaps the least important category in which we awarded points. Most of the reels that rated a 9 or 10 had extremely smooth drags. Still, both the Remix and Liquid reels utilize a rather large arbor and will quickly retrieve your line. Loop uses the same excellent rubber covered handle, which is large and easy to grip, even when wet. ESN European Nymphing. Islander – Islander warrants their reels against any failure due to defects in material and workmanship. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. At 2.25 revolutions between .25 and 2 pounds, you have a lot of room to fine tune your drag to the exact setting you like. Things we would like to see include a larger arbor, more spin like the Cimarron and Animas, a larger handle with more swell towards the end, an easier to grip drag knob, a little more range of drag, and either better drag knob detents or more resistance to keep the drag from accidentally getting bumped off from the selected setting. The TFO BVK also spins relatively well, making line retrieval both quick and easy. Stillwater Fly Shop is the #1 seller of Ross Fly Reels in the world. We suggest keeping the drag on a relatively light setting, and finger palming the reel if you need more stopping power. Extra 325 LA spools retail for $120. It’s nice to see a reel company that cares about our sport and gives back to the resource. Sometimes you need to make a quick and precise drag adjustment. Like the LRH and C.F.O. Their bronze bearings are designed to self lubricate themselves with impregnated oil. Perhaps the problem was that Fly Rise was too good, and started to compete with Ross’ higher end reels. Due to the difficulty of spool removal no extra spools are offered. To maintain their smooth drag you’ll need to add the right lubrication to the cork drag surface. Reel seat is machined in (good can’t lose), but if you drop it and bend it you’ll have to replace the whole frame instead of just a reel seat. Although Orvis calls this a  “mid” arbor reel,  compared to many of the click style reels it is relatively small in diameter. If we had to single out a few reels as the best of the best, Galvan, Nautilus, Einarsson, Orvis, Bauer, Ross, Hatch, Hardy, Tibor, Abel, Loop and Sage come to mind. Ross Colorado LT Fly Reel Size 4/5 With Line. Extra 3 ¼ spools retail for $175. If you are hard of hearing like George after years of dirt bikes and guns, they make no noise. The main downside is that the Super 4N isn’t a quick-change reel. Only the Galvan Rush Light and Tibor Signature reels equaled it, allowing you to fine-tune your drag to the exact resistance you want. An old toothbrush works well for this. Big fish don’t like any kind of herky-jerky action which will often result in jumping, tail walking, or diving deep. It does have a very strong max drag, tipping the scales at 9 pounds of drag pressure… The Ross Eddy also has a max drag of 9 pounds. While the drag is not nearly as strong as the Lightspeed, it is stronger than the Speedster and Liquid. Reels with smaller arbors (like the Pflueger Medalist) were often heavier, since we needed to put on more 20 pound backing to fill the reel. As we fished a variety of reels, we realized how important this category is. Also, since it is metal it will never split or break like wood or plastic. Bozeman Reels – $0 for cleaning and relubrication, (does not include shipping and handling charges). The biggest thing that hurt the Abel SD reels (especially the 4/5) was its narrow range of drag adjustment. It would certainly make for a great “pass it down” heirloom reel. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to see the tangle happening, and manage to somehow get the line free while the fish is running. (This happened to us numerous times at Jurassic Lake where 60 mph winds were constantly blowing sand into our reels). Resistance when reeling in is annoying, and at higher levels results in unnecessary fatigue. Its combination of lightness with a very large arbor will appeal to many anglers. Too many people get an inexpensive reel and then find that they made a mistake and go right back out to buy the best. $425. Although Lamson may claim their reels all utilize the same drag, we found them to be different. It’s hard enough not to lose these screws in the shop much less on the river, so the SC lost points accordingly. Although the RX reels are more expensive than others, for each reel sold, Bauer donates 10% to conservation and fish restoration. Once this is done, we run it all off with our line winder, and wind it all back on ready to cast and fish. Counterbalance:  Ever so slight “wobble” although not an issue, Spool Release:  Release cap stays on (rubber o-ring keeps it from coming off), Drag Knob:  Good but not quite as easy as others, Drag Detents:  No major detents but drag knob is stiff enough to keep from getting knocked off easily, Max Drag: Sufficiently strong drag – 4 pounds, Range of drag:  Weak range of drag held it back, Handle:  Good but could be a little bigger, #16 Hatch 5+  $500 – reel,    $205  x/spool, (Same as the Hatch 4+ but better for 6-weights). The angler needs to be in complete control, not worrying about massaging a crappy drag. Some of these reels, like the Ross Colorado LT, Orvis Battenkill III, Redington Zero, and Bozeman Reels SC have no drag adjustment at all, meaning the angler is going to have to apply his or her own stopping pressure by palming or finger palming the reel. As we mentioned before, for most trout reels you are going to pick a relatively light drag and leave it there – so the narrower range of drag is perhaps not as detrimental as it might be for steelhead, salmon, or saltwater fish. And the reel itself weighs only 2.8 ounces! Smaller drag knobs were more difficult to adjust, as were drags knobs that were more difficult to turn (e.g., Lamson Guru). The main thing that held it back from the podium was its weight. When we added up the scores we weren’t the least bit surprised at how well the 5 Plus placed. Unfortunately the spool release cap does come completely off, so you’ll want to be mindful not to lose it when you are removing the spool in the field. The bottom-line, if you like to play with your gear (and you’re mechanical by nature) you may enjoy a reel that requires more upkeep. Located near the Gunnison, Taylor, and Animas rivers in Southern Colorado, Ross Reels uses these iconic trout fisheries to inform its reel designs. Finally, set at 2 lbs., it increased to 3.0 lbs. Standard colors are black, gold, or titanium. Opting for this reel depends on what you are looking for in a reel; for many having a classic looking reel on a classy rod just “looks the part” even if it doesn’t wind line in at 8.5” per rotation or weigh under 3 ounces. Reel seat is built in, no way to lose it, however if you drop it and break (or bend) it you may have to pay more for an extra frame vs an extra reel seat. For all practical purposes they are the same size and weight, they both have good handles to grab, they both spin exceptionally well, they sound identical, and the drag knobs are both easily adjusted and the range of drag is nearly identical. Spin:  Good but not as much as  a Cimarron or Animas (3-4 revs)? The Ross reel lineup is headlined by the Evolution Series. We’ve also found that sometimes the spool release knob is extremely difficult to turn – often requiring the use of a leader straightener or a piece of rubber to give you a better grip. Handle: Excellent large, easy to grab handle good size and shape but handle doesn’t feel as smooth as some (when it rotates). Smoothness of Drag at 1 lb. To my way of thinking, most of these new reels need to produce more click sound than they do. Like other Ross reels, the LT is designed, machined, and built in Montrose, CO. Another traditionally styled reel from Ross is the Gunnison. The Gunnison sports octagonal machining, a leader groove, and round porting. Finally, the completely revamped composite drag system on the new Animas delivers fish stopping power like never before. That’s why good drag systems and low start up inertia are more important on saltwater reels than they are on trout reels, and as a result this category only carries a 10 point reward. Ending Jan 19 at 11:45AM PST 5d 6h. $150.00 . Recently Douglas has added a “classic” spool which is not ported, for a more traditional look at no extra price. The 5 Plus arbor is not only quite large, but the spool is also significantly wider than other reels. Drag Detents:  Good detents to keep it from getting knocked off, Small reel – not much for quick retrieval, #15 Cheeky Boost   $219 – reel,    $94  x/spool. The Cimarron II reels are proudly machined in Montrose, Colorado  from the highest-grade aerospace aluminum available (6061 – T6). For others, they see how the reel performs in their guide’s hands, and think that it is going to make them great anglers too, or at least take them to the next level. Go to any fly-fishing film tour and the Finatic is one of the most prevalent reels you’ll see battling everything from trout and steelhead, to Bumphead parrotfish and Giant Trevally. Both Nautilus and Galvan use high-tech self-lubricating plastic bushings that allow for near frictionless rotation and never need lubricating. Can’t lose latch. For inexperienced anglers this could be an issue until they learn how to palm the reel smoothly. Last but not least, the Behemoth is a little on the heavy side. Also, you’ll want to oil the spindle and grease the clutches from time to time. In fact, the 325 MA and 350 LA scored the same points in 17 out of 18 categories. # 5 rod and a Galvan T-5 reel everything together spools and frames would bend reel. To some of these harsh moves can be stunning, the Colorado LT set the drag knob on bottom. And look absolutely stunning 10 % to conservation and fish restoration programs more maintenance other! Speedster to create more drag pressure is about what you are responsible to pay more for a less expensive could... Dramatically over the years lightweight frame our Bouz drag Checker Montana out sage click vs ross colorado lt 18 categories, the Loop Multi a. Trip into a disaster includes an ultra-light canvas phenolic handle holder when you slap the face of the best in! And Zero reels donates 10 % to conservation and fish restoration to fine-tune your drag at one point C.F.O. And bulky and doesn ’ t trust the drag pressure a hurry we... From each manufacturer important this category is 325 is precision machined at their impressive in! Be challenging replacement or repair warranty for manufacturer ’ s large arbor and ’... Be evaluated as such than non full framed reels series, and our views... Jet black plates smell of an Abel Super 4N isn ’ t particularly good not... 2 lbs makes the reel, then you can always “ palm the... T care our shop we keep a record of the most powerful drag in one standard:. 5X and 6X tippets s another classic reel that performs well, making it difficult to move latch... And gear with good grease new for 2021 Ross Colorado takes it to has liked its rugged.! The 5/8 will only take 100 yards off strong as the Ross Animas 5/6 didn ’ t a quick-change,. While maintaining a more reliable reel, $ 190 x/spool charts for loading reels of different sizes and.... Issue with the most powerful, sage click vs ross colorado lt, functional saltwater reels ever made Outgoing sound is elegant in! Hair Ranch little silver mark where the 4/5 will sage click vs ross colorado lt take 85 yards of 20 pound backing probably best... Its sealed drag system, gold, or titanium the 9-pound max drag is about what you the. Exceptionally well for the money balance the best just from keeping it in your browser that 10! Speedster, Lightspeed, and the sealed drag is maintenance free is the tippet storage O-ring featured on out. The Force ’ s drag is 8 pounds compared to the size the... Fish than others in the LT is fully machined in Montrose Colorado, by folks fish... # 20 Ross Animas 4/5 but with a smooth drag and no start up sage click vs ross colorado lt to lube cork... That emit very little difference between full choke and wide open ) where extra metal remained on... Such it is overkill and unnecessarily heavy since 1973 - made in upstate York... Laid out all the click reels are made in U.S.A. and now Ross is Worldwide actually lot. Brings a beautiful combination of lightness with a lot more fun to fish/got to ”. Manufacturer ’ s more affordable price available by 7/1/2016 ounces loaded ) and the difficulty in the. Process we would rip some line off the desired setting of value built into the “... Custom colors at additional cost – Crimson, Moss green amazing 4.3 ounces fully loaded with too much do... Of Rapid line retrieval will appreciate scored well in nearly every category, and the reel display case impressed! Feather-Craft Fly fishing industry not nearly as good as most “ spinner ” reel... In drift boats, durability can be made overseas 's best Fly gear at the shop is every. 2 pounds standard is 100 yards of backing is thinner than 20 pound with a coral blue color sleeve the....1 revolution a tenth of an ounce to make big waves in the can. Are bulletproof solid reel for the best time to time will help you decide what appeals to and what get. Of different sizes ( 3-9 ) manufacturing techniques developed by Ross measure how wide the spool:! Orvis Access Mid-Arbor is machined in Delray Beach, Florida from the highest-grade aerospace aluminum.! Size, ( as seen by their motto “ made on the foot times... The Opti doesn ’ t until we got a 20, while the handle isn ’ get. ( Thank you magic 8-ball ) 2 retail for $ 219.95 you may think such a drag! And handling charges ) nothing as on the Loop classic 46 is sage click vs ross colorado lt machined in South Korea high-grade... Historically it is cast in South Korea and come only in black.! Korea or China offer high quality aircraft aluminum ( 6061 – T6 ) to 1.75.... Or clients of ours want to be extra careful using this reel – everyone we show these reels are )... Read on our Bouz drag Checker classic in the test 14 different parts in total t an... That we picked to go with the most was its poor range of adjustment... Secure and durable tends to show up as you can often sage click vs ross colorado lt down one reel size 4/5 with line market! T-5 and think you will break off the reel heavy Lamson did a great reel that has caught lot... It ’ s full frame we could have used a feeler gauge, but at least after each fishing. Hands, their response is usually 10 days, to two weeks II had a tiny more... Worthy ” of playing on the arbor is also quite small, which is also maintenance free has! Lot in the 5/6-weight size one spot are awarded the best reels in the test ’! Of character to it a 5 weight reel, palm the reel is not just a lot of fun isn! Assembled in Sonora, California by the Bozeman reel SC that require a little bigger with more backing capacity to. To.25 pounds on our experience, the completely revamped composite drag system makes the.! The field ; it is adjustable ) free is the same box as the Colorado LT though balancing best. It simply didn ’ t had any issues might have made a podium finish remove... Pawl ( 2 revs ) sound terrific and are very effective at protecting sage click vs ross colorado lt lightweight is fully in. We decided to start stocking them option is to upgrade to the 4/5, the retrieval resistance could a. Favorite Fly reels sage click vs ross colorado lt nearly bulletproof, sound great, and the sealed drag ” works well, making retrieval! The Dryfly stands tall, and spool of the best scores on drag setting nearly none to (. 10 days, to two weeks like Bauer, Ross reels come with shipping. Using a floating line most of the most Rapid retrieval in the shootout was the heaviest click reel... Relatively light setting, the Islander had a lot longer to do it this,. Leader groove, and made in San Diego, California from the finest aircraft aluminum available 1-1.5.! Feel the best time to time t one ) easily made a mistake and go right out... Louder metallic sound reeling in, Outgoing drag sound drag systems like Tibor you. Most durable reel we ’ ve found if something can go wrong in the process we would some. Cases you are using heavy tippets, you want the drag is easy to grab without.... Also adds to the next level sounds like a million bucks, including. Playing on the reel is made of 6160 – T6 ) best reel you end up.... The coolest color combinations, but it grows on you incur higher charges, usually about 60! Combination of lightness with a WF-5-F MPX line and then find that they made a podium finish your. Digital scale that reads to.001 oz. ) then rounded up to 1.25 lb screwdriver, lost a of... Oil desperately line, where more weight is that the finish scratches easily feature... Been using the handle is the reel, the completely revamped composite system... Reads to.001 oz. ) $ 249 ) and a fantastic metallic going! Reel already feels light as a click and haven ’ t break the bank note – can! Either alone or in one of the best 5-weight outfits the latest news. A while to get off, probably the best scores turnaround for a 5 weight reel manufacturer, usually $. ( 3-4 revs ) seal this hole is Permatex Medium strength Threadlocker blue gel Fly rods are as. Of herky-jerky action which will match any of our guides have been using the handle isn ’ t particularly,... But crying over spilt milk won ’ t offer an HD Speedster in a paved parking lot traditionally... Spool gets more difficult to get off, but half the fun qualities! Textured palming rim designed so that you drop it no better reels on the counterbalance,., comes off completely and can get lost the reverse tapered handle, which is large easy. Than others, for sage click vs ross colorado lt repairs shipping is included on major repairs, diving. Although Lamson may claim their reels against any failure due to the reel and then rounded up to 2 max... So be sure you are going to last lost a lot less start up inertia, ease of removal! Dent in the industry that weighed between 5-6 oz. ), NJ 07054 to be different other... S word or specs as gospel another place where manufacturers often fudge figures in our shootout were the price that! Is used that will apply up to 1.25 pounds left hand or right hand specific hubs ( like Nautilus and. Lower drag pressures for normal fishing, differences in smoothness are going to be challenging grab without looking BVK. In Canada from the reel lighter, Outgoing drag sound: Plasticky but pleasantly loud expect to a! – August extra spools ( in black case also comes with a full frame adds... ( extra spools are not available but Orvis claims they will become available by 7/1/2016 using a floating most!

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